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The Finnish UAV Ecosystem (FUAVE) supports the development of Finnish knowledge base and business related to unmanned aviation.

Main actions

  • Networking and joint development between the stakeholders
  • Definition of operating principles for urban and rural test areas
  • Demonstrations of cutting-edge technology and commercial applications
  • Raising the public awareness of new drone services
  • Championing Finnish companies to be the leaders in new drone products and services
FUAVE vision

Fuave vision

Test areas work as the basis for sustainable development of unmanned aviation.


FUAVE:n sidosryhmätapaaminen 26.8.2021
FUAVE-hanke järjestää sidosryhmätapaamisen Tech Runway 2021 -tapahtuman yhteydessä. Sidosryhmätapaamisen aamupäivän seminaariohjelmaan (ks. alla) voi osallistua paikan päällä tai etäyhteydellä. Virallisen…
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